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At FabDesigner is a young design-led based in London and Rome.
We have both the knowledge and the imagination to help you 
realise your perfect interior. Each one of our design and object
is absolutely unique as the same as our clients, creating a 
living space tha is both gorgeous and functional.
Fabrizio De Santis
Specialise in Interior Design and garden design. 
Graduate diploma in Interior Design, in Rome, Italy,was born 
in Colleferro, Rome , Italy. Interior Designer  and and craftsman,
his knowledge spans the entire creative process; from design, 
to manufactoring, to installation. With an emphasis on new
materials without forgetnthe conservation of the past. In carring
out this work close attention is paid to details.
Andrea Fiore
Specialise in Interior Design and ceramics. Graduate diploma
in Interior Design in Rome, Italy, was born in Colleferro, Rome, 
Italy, was born in Colleferro, Rome, Italy.
Andrea has got a great eye on focalised the perfect situation for 
any ambient, coulors, scale and details. The innate taste for
minimalist solution gives him perdonal style at each of his